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The Heartlands and Heartfields

Severna Park, MD, and Fredericksburg, VA

The client for the Heartlands at Severna Park, MD and the Heartfields at Fredericksburg, VA, was among the pioneering developers of assisted living facilities.  The Heartlands was designed as the prototype for a number of assisted living facilities, including the Heartfields, developed along the Baltimore/Washington, DC corridor.  Each facility incorporated the prototypical features of a central entrance with porte cochere highlighted with a tower that encloses a monumental stair. At the top of the tower, an ecumenical chapel provides respite and views of sky and landscape.  The architecture of the buildings uses historical references to break down the scale and modern massing that is necessary to house the required number of apartments, dining facilities, and a dementia care unit.

Peyton Pond was the project architect/manager for the Heartlands and Heartfields projects while at Beery Rio & Associates.